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 Because I deeply value people who say YES to their dream life and take action, I’D LIKE TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU – and offer you a VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY…

Hi, I'm Kathleen.


a guide to creating abundance in all areas of your life from the inside--->out!
Imagine Creating 10X more joy, love, health, wealth, confidence and passion in your life! 

The tools you have been given in Gap Journaling will work!
By helping you to stay laser focused on what you want to create, raise your vibration and lean into faith.

However, that is working with the Laws of Attraction by using the Conscious Mind. What about the Subconscious Mind that controls 95% of our decision making and habits?

Trauma creates deep core wounds that are imprinted on our subconscious mind and if they go unchecked they will make you a
"Master Deflector" VS "Master Attracter"
  • Everything in reality is created twice: Once in the mind and once in physical reality.
  • Conscious Mind: Is what you choose to focus on through thoughts, vision, and affirmation. In doing so you will attract what you desire.
  • Subconscious Mind: Drives your emotions, which are the motivation for your actions, and if you don't FEEL what you are saying is true, it will become a shield that deflects everything you are attracting.

  In other words "It's not so much about what you THINK about that creates your reality, it is how you FEEL that produces
wanted/unwanted results."

What if I were to tell you that someone specific is robbing you of your Abundance?

  • Relationships: Someone who is keeping you stuck in toxic relationships, keeping you from attracting the right people or sabotaging the relationship if you do.
  • Vocation:  Someone who is keeping you stuck in a job you don't love, or preventing you from stepping up in a job you do.
  • Health & Well-being: Someone who is keeping you stuck in self-sabotaging cycles, and trapped in feelings of chronic stress, anxiety, guilt, overwhelm, and disconnection. Literally robbing you of the present moment & your health.
  • Time/$ Freedom: Someone is literally robbing your bank account, keeping you trapped in debt or working so hard you don't have time to enjoy life and the people you love!

Have you guessed who it is?  No it's not your EX...

You know who I am talking about. That voice inside of you that is constantly reminding you of all the mistakes you have made it the past, of all the times someone has hurt you or let you down, all reasons why you don't deserve to have what you want, and all the times you weren't good enough
or that you SHOULD have known better.

The same Voice that taught you...
"It isn't safe to be me."

So how does your Inner Critic make you a Master Deflector?

  The Formula:

Thought+Trauma=Negative Emotion=Motivation=Action

So, You may be thinking I want more money, but every time you look at your bank account you get a blast of shame, guilt, anger, frustration, and/or disappointment. This negative energy has you shrinking instead of taking the steps toward financial freedom.



In 2007, I began my study of yogic philosophy, and what I learned changed my life forever. The simple yet impactful phrase “Your thoughts create your reality” was the beginning of my turning point.

 Everything I had learned in religion taught me that in order to be one with God I had to suffer through a life of sin, try to add up to Jesus (impossible) and then I might be worthy of going to heaven. Did this dissuade me from believing in a higher power? No.  Despite the mental, physical, and emotional trauma from my past, I still believed my Creator loved me. In fact my relationship with my higher power is what helped me to overcome every astronomical obstacle that stood in my way. 

However, it did taint my vision of who I was and my worthiness. This vision had me unconsciously creating a very unattractive internal canvas, and therefore a very unattractive external canvas.  Now to make myself very clear this is not a religion bashing program, nor is it my attempt to save your soul and convert you. I am simply saying that my beliefs caused a very obstructed view of how I needed to interact with myself, God and the world around me. 

So how did yogic philosophy change my view and heal my life as a whole? By making this very simple yet complex knowledge available to me... I am a co-creator of my reality. 

Life is not happening to me, God doesn’t want me to do anything, there are no requirements for me to fulfill in order to become worthy. I (we) are simply born complete, and our lives are what we make of them. In other words, life is happening through us. Now God (source, universal love, whatever you are comfortable calling your higher power) does want something for us, and that is to become the next grandest version of ourselves
 at every opportunity and thoroughly enjoy this gift of life.

So how do we create our reality?

 Simply put it is our I.D. or internal dialogue, the conscious and unconscious conversation we are always having with ourselves. It is the continuous conversation in which we are translating logic, reasoning, and 
beliefs to situations, people, and events. It serves as a filter for our life experiences that colors the
 way in which we see ourselves and the world.  

Now as an artist I could translate this very easily. The picture we are painting on the inside (perception) is translated in our external picture (life). We start out with a blank canvas and our intellectual interpretation paints it with the colors of our perspective. Think of it this way, if you have a pallet of beautiful colors and apply strategic combinations, you end up with a beautiful painting. If you mix the colors in the wrong way you 
end up with a poop brown mess.

So I said, “Okay, I get it...All I need is a healthy dialogue and to shift my perspective, and I can heal my life!” 
Great, where do I start & how do I get rid of my harsh inner critic?
From the beginning, most of us were not given the knowledge or tools to develop a healthy dialogue.
Life has been about reacting and surviving, not responding and thriving. We have been working with
what we had, which is what our parents did. 

But the mind-body-reality connection is becoming a very well-known philosophy., as is the knowledge that we live in an inside out universe. Everything in this universe is created to seek expansion and is created twice.
 1st in the mind and 2nd in reality.
Now is the time to learn the tools and skills to co-create a very beautiful canvas of ourselves and our lives,
 from the inside----> out.

As someone who suffered from a very cruel and unhealthy internal dialogue, I became very passionate about this work. So I left no stone unturned in attempts to heal myself and others. 

My work began with the inspiration of Deepak Chopra’s article “6 Tips to Master Your Internal Dialogue.” When I became a certified yoga instructor, I created "Internal Canvas" a workshop that would be the turning point of my career as a teacher/coach. I created a workshop around Deepak's 6 tips; integrated implementable homework, designed a physical practice and showcased my art work, all in one event. The response was huge! 

And I loved the “aha” moments and transformation I saw in my students. Anytime I ran into someone, and they shared their progress with me in the weeks that followed, I was filled with a sense of joy and purpose.

 For 16 years as a stylist/salon owner (which was my main source of income at the time) it literally broke my heart to hear the harsh critical ways women would describe themselves and their appearance. So with a fever I started sharing my new knowledge of how their harmful thoughts were the source of all of their suffering. I began to help re-frame the way they saw themselves… again the response was huge!

 My passion for coaching was born.

In 2018, I shattered my spine and was forced to close shop. But my experience fueled my passion of healing what my inner critic had caused (osteoporosis at 33), and uncovered my true purpose of becoming a full time coach.

With my continued studies, life experience and credentials I have taken “Internal Canvas” to a whole new level and created a 4 week DIY course.

This course will guide you through the 4 levels of resistance that are driving your behaviors, and reveal why you are unable to create your desired results in the 4 domains of your life
(Relationships, Vocation, Health/Well-being, & $-Time Freedom).


  • The Chakras are responsible for radiating life energy, Prana. According to the Vedas, chakras bear a direct influence on your ambitions and goals within the relationship. A blocked and disrupted chakra signals the onset of mental, emotional, spiritual and health problems. Your upper 3 Chakras are your "We are all one or Universal Power Source" and your lower 3 Chakras are your " Unique Identity or Individual Power Source" and your Heart Chakra is the gateway between the upper and lower Chakras." That is why we focus on the lower 3 and 4th Chakara during this course.
  • 1st or Root Chakra: There is a number of symptoms that you can experience if your Root Chakra is blocked. The most common ones include fears, anxiety disorders and even nightmares. This Chakra is directly linked to your feelings about wealth, power, and the right to be here will be a reflection of your foundation. Creating a chronic fight or flight mode.
  • 2nd or Sacral Chakra: Blockage of sacral chakra manifests through general emotional instability or through feeling creatively uninspired, fearing change, feeling depressed or indulging in addiction-like behaviors and your passion. Creating a fear of asking for what you need.
  • ​3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra:When the solar plexus chakra is imbalanced, it can bring a lack of control in your life as well as a loss of identity. Creating a fear of being seen.
  • ​4th or Heart Chakra: Blockage of a heart chakra will keep you from being able to tap into love, compassion, and forgiveness. Instead you focus on resentment, anger, and separation. Creating a false wisdom that you don't deserve what you desire.

• In week 1: You will discover the origin (root) and power of your internal dialogue and it's impact on all your relationships in your life (your relationship with your Higher Power, yourself, family, social circle, and colleagues).
*You will learn how to reprogram your mind, remove toxicity and finally attract the meaningful relationships you desire!

• In week 2: You will discover how your beliefs are keeping you stuck in a cycle of pushing and proving from a place of sacrifice.
* You will learn to let go of your limiting beliefs, and finally feel confident asking for what you want, pursuing your passions and liberating yourself from a position you do not love.

• In week 3: You will discover what is holding you back from stepping up and sharing your authentic-self with the world. And instead keeping you stuck in a cycle that is robbing you of your mental, emotional and physical well-being.
*You will learn how to befriend your body, create healthy habits, and transform into a place where you are grounded, confident and can't help but shine!

• In week 4: You will uncover the biggest reason why you do not have the time/money freedom you desire. And why you find yourself frozen in action, playing it small, and destroying the success you have begun to create.
*You will learn how to end cycles of self-sabotage, tune into your intuition and feel naturally motivated to take consistent, decisive action towards your goals and dreams!

Weekly Videos
Every week you will have access to a video lesson. Each lesson is easy to implement, interactive and designed with your busy schedule in mind.

$275 Value
Weekly Audios
Each week you will have access to downloadable audio Tapping Meditations that you will be encouraged to listen to and incorporate into your daily practice.

$275 Value
Supportive Community
During  the program you will have access to Dreamers' Transformational Facebook Community. Where you will enjoy a supportive tribe of like minded people.

$400 Value

BONUS!!! When you gain access to our Facebook Community by enrolling, you gain access to  WEEKLY Group Coaching Calls, Virtual Yoga, and a New Tribe! PRICELE$$

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The Truth About Life:

There are only two kinds of people in this life. Those who are ALIVE AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT DEAD!

Those who are alive embrace every moment of the day as a gift and receive what it has to offer. They are connected to their authentic-self and are willing to take chances, make mistakes, and fall down to rise again. They have financial freedom and feel fulfilled. They truly shine and inspire others to do the same.

Those who are not dead, find themselves ticking away the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of their lives. They look at each day as a challenge and another opportunity to fail. They are disconnected from their true nature and live in fear. They spend their days in darkness and despair, hiding in plain sight.

The truth is life is so very short and you only get one chance at it. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real deal. People don't lie on their death bed and speak of regret over what they have done, they speak of regret of what

"I didn't want to die as the best kept secret"-Wayne Dyer

Please know that if you fall into the second category it is NOT your fault and you are NOT alone.
It is all about programing and trauma.
You just need the guidance, support and tools to reclaim your life! And all you have to do is say YES!
All you have to do is say YES to YOUR DREAMS!!!
So what is your answer? Are you ready to come alive?

Hear what my students are saying.

Lea Anne

Kathleen’s laser focused intuition honed directly in on the very crux of what was going on with me.
I have had this “block” my whole life. Over and over again, I found myself working through the same issue, dressed in different clothing throughout the years of my life. I had no idea how these seemingly unrelated habits and patterns were being affected by this one deep trauma.

In our first session, she illuminated life changing insights and taught me how to work with them. I feel so free in so any areas of my life as a result. I plan to continue working with Kathleen as my life unfolds. She is direct, kind, and insightful. I need someone who tells it like their intuition sees it, and can help work through deep rooted patterns of habit and perception.

Kathleen can help me achieve my biggest and most abundant and joyful life.
Thank you Kathleen for your kindness, wisdom and insights.
I’m better at life with your help! –Lea Ann

Jordan Schutt

Before I began working with Kathleen I was in a dark state of depression. I was also filled with anger and rage. I didn’t know what I was angry about or where this was all coming from. I just wanted to sleep all day, so I could avoid being sad. I was beginning to just avoid the rest of the world and forget all my self-awareness (because being aware meant being aware of how angry and sad I was). I did not want to confront it. I wanted to feel better and do better, but I didn’t know how anymore. Even as a yoga instructor, who used to have an amazing self-practice, I was just lost at this point and giving up.

Thank you, Kathleen for giving me the tools I needed to manifest my destiny, for reminding me of my self-worth, and for being so full of light.
-Jordan Shutt

Evelin Jerez

Working with Kathleen Anderson as a life coach has been a beautiful journey. When I met her I was in a toxic relationship that was leaving me emotionally drained and disconnected from the REAL me. My true energy and essence was down due to this manipulative relationship that I didn't know how to let go of. I was going around in circles in the same problem and didn't realize that my worth was higher than what my partner was showing me to be true. Because he didn’t see me, I believed I was unworthy, and set out to change myself for him.

Because of her valuable gifts my life started to change 360° into the correct vibes and blessings leading me to the right mate, right work positions and best relationships with family and friends. I can never thank Kathleen enough for transitioning me from darkness to light. Greatness walks with me and within me now, and I would recommend her services as a life coach and spiritual guide 200%. Thank you Kathleen!!
-Evelin Jerez

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Meet Kathleen Anderson,
Lovingly dubbed
"The Dream Maker"


Kathleen is passionate about making dreams come alive! Growing up in a toxic environment she often found refuge in her dreams of a better future. She freed herself at the age of 17. Fueled by her inner critic she started off on a dark path. At the age of 18 she overcame addiction, surrendered to her faith, and pursed a better life. Three short years later she became Lead Stylist and Owner of Dreamers Salon. She quickly realized she had a natural talent for helping her clients heal their self image and feel confident embracing and expressing their authentic selves.  Within this new awakening her passion for coaching was born!

Kathleen has been extremely fortunate to receive in-depth training, certification, and mentorship from the Life Mastery Institute, under one of the famous pioneers of transformation, Mary Morrissey and LMI.'s Master coach Kirsten Wells. She is also experienced in many healing modalities such as pranayama, meditation, and EFT Tapping to help her clients release the pain from their past and fear over the future. She has had the honor of serving hundreds of men and women in the coaching field for the past 17 years, hosted multiple workshops, retreats, and seminars empowering people to heal their lives and pursue their dreams!

What is the value of Internal Canvas?

The proof is in the results my clients have had. Not only have many of them healed their deep core wounds and started to attract their desires, they now have the confidence to create meaningful relationships, do what they love,  and live in health and prosperity.

More importantly they embrace themselves, live joyfully and have RECLAIMED their lives! Most healers have what we call a hero's journey. Within the trauma there are lessons that are meant to help you grow and expand, and pass along your wisdom to others. Everything in life was created to seek expansion including you! You are meant to grow into the next grandest version of yourself. When you heal your trauma, you are able to step into the light like never before. Fulfill your life's purpose and make a difference in this world.

My students are now among the living and are making a difference in this world. Join us! Because when you shine you allow and inspire others to do the same!

This is your call from the universe to take action and build the life of your dreams! Are you going to answer or keep putting it off to someday?

"The difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions" -Ellen Glasgow

You have an opportunity right here right now to take advantage of this
One Time Offer.

What will you paint on your Canvas?

You will never see this offer again. It's $597 (although it’s worth much more) but TODAY, you can get it for a simple One Time Payment of $297

Start living a life you LOVE,  get on track fulfilling the Life's Purpose you were BORN for. With the Internal Canvas, you will:

Discover what is holding you back from creating the life you deserve.

You will learn how to reprogram your mind, remove toxicity and finally attract the meaningful relationships you desire!
You will learn to let go of your limiting beliefs, and finally feel confident asking for what you want, pursuing your passions and liberating yourself from a position you do not love.

You will learn how to befriend your body, create healthy habits, and transform into a place where you are grounded, confident and can't help but shine!

You will learn how to end cycles of self-sabotage, tune into your intuition and feel naturally motivated to take consistent, decisive action towards your goals and dreams!

It’s taken me almost thirteen years and tens of thousands of dollars – not to mention going through a divorce, shattering my spine, being forced into closing my business and almost dying-- to understand and create this PROVEN PROCESS…and I’m practically giving it away.

A One-Time offer like this is truly rare, so be sure to grab it NOW!!

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Please know, this is a limited-time offer.
Meaning, when you leave this page, the offer to get all 3: life time access to audios & videos, PLUS the added bonus of membership access to weekly group coaching calls, yoga classes and a new tribe (1 Month); for $297 is gone, and the price will go back up to $597.
It really comes down to this - how much do you dedicate to educating yourself and increasing your own skills so you can succeed? If you choose to move on and not take this offer, that's okay too. If you already have all of the meaningful relationships you desire including your dream mate, a fulfilling vocation, and are living in ultimate health and prosperity- Awesome! Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to do so right here.

Everything in this life is created to grow and expand. You are not an exception. There are two types of growth; Voluntary and Involuntary. Voluntary, you choose to tune into your longing and discontent and answer the universal call to change and grow into the next grandest version of yourself.
Involuntary you find yourself being pushed into growth and choose to let it change you or destroy you (divorce, job loss, illness, debt. etc).

The universe is calling, which do you choose?
My guess? You say 'Yes' and reclaim your power to co-create a life you love living!


“What if I don’t have time?”

This program was designed with your busy schedule in mind. You will only have one 60 minute video to watch and work along with once a week.  And 15 minute audio meditations to listen to daily.

If you don't have time to do the things that will give you the life of freedom -- so that you can use your time in the way you most want -- then you don’t have time not to do this. It’s about making it a priority and making time.

“I’ve tried so many things that didn’t work – how do I know this will be different?”

What you’re really saying is “I'm afraid”, “My heart’s been broken”, “I’m disappointed and disillusioned”, “I’m afraid to try again.” There are only two choices – choose life and growth or choose stagnation and death. If you want to achieve your dreams, you must keep trying – and you’ll finally break through and get the momentum you need to succeed.

I promise you are in good hands, because I really do understand and I really do care. That is why we will cover all of the past traumas and hurts that are creating a lack of trust in yourself and this world! It is time to let go and believe in yourself again!

“What if I don’t have enough money?”

That is why during this crisis I am giving you such an amazing offer!
And please understand...

There's never a lack of resources, only a lack of resourcefulness. You can find a way if you want it badly enough. And you must want it if you ever want to have it. It’s time to let go of ‘I can’t afford it,’ and activate your innate abundance! Don’t just ask what it costs, ask what it has cost you to not solve this problem and get the answers you need to achieve TRUE HEALING and finally live your true

“What if I'm not "tech savvy," how will I access my program?”

Not to worry! Once you click the button below it will take you to a secure check out page. Once processed you will gain immediate access to your program and Private transformational Facebook group  via email. All you have to do is log in and start! The platform is easy to use and the M4A audios can be downloaded to any device.

And you can always reach out to our team at
We would love to hear from you!

Don't hesitate your dreams are waiting for you!

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