a path to you
Shining through the mask  
a path to you
Kathleen Anderson
Finally, a proven guide to set yourself free and attract your dream relationships and life.

You are already a strong, smart, and successful Woman... in most areas of your life.

You are a strong, smart, and successful woman... 
in most areas of your life.

You may be checking off the boxes: career, house, kids, nice car, even a spouse... but you feel empty inside. Never feeling fulfilled or comfortable in your own skin, instead you find yourself battling anxiety, self-sabotage, or feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt.

You are a loving, giving, and loyal person, but lets be REAL you are too loyal.

You stay in toxic relationships way past their expiration date trying to fix or change yourself to prove you are worthy of love, attention, and respect. Even when you are in a relationship you are lonely, never feeling seen, heard, or truly understood and fear abandonment.

You feel alone in a crowded room because no one can see the invisible battle you are constantly fighting.

Your inner critic is smart, cunning, and has built an unconscious belief system within you, that you will never be safe or enough if you allow yourself to be seen and heard. Even when you step up you are unconsciously sabotaging your success and you don't understand why... you just feel STUCK!

So you wear a mask to hide your secret pain.

But behind that mask there is a part of you that is dying to be seen...begging you to set her free from the toxic cycles of self-sabotage and allow her to truly shine.

Any of this resonating with you?

What if you knew how to reveal, zero in on, and CLEAR the biggest blocks you have against creating REAL success and REAL relationships?

What if you could get beyond the conventional talk about "self-love" and "inner goddess"-talk that just scratches the surface of transforming from a limited success picture to an abundant life of meaning and fulfillment?


All that conventional talk is what everyone else is selling.
But conventional talk gets conventional results.

Why not create LASTING transformation and LIBERATE yourself from your generational programming and inner critic that tears you to shreds every time you step into the light?

But first you must be willing to change! Change requires bringing awareness to your painful, expensive habits that are causing you to be stuck... and then be willing to LET GO. And that Lovely, takes courage.

Now, let me show you how...

I am Kathleen Anderson. The first thing I want you to know about me is I am not just another coach with a lot of certifications and book smarts.  I have a lot of life experience to back up my education. 

Now, while I’ve been coaching for more than a decade and am known for drastically transforming women's lives by helping them to heal their relationship with themselves and life , 
I still want to let you know this:

I didn't just wake up to my dream life and the incredible man you see in this photo...

 I had to create it.

You see, I can relate to your frustration, exhaustion, and seemingly out-of-reach desires for more freedom, fulfillment and meaningful relationships, because I’ve sat right where you are today.

I too had it all on paper: the house in suburbia, marriage, successful business, new car, hobbies, rockin' body, friends, family...I checked off every box. BUT  I was trapped by my limiting beliefs and self sabotaging cycles. I was good at hiding it so that no one knew that I was dying inside. My marriage and family relationships where anything but healthy, and the cost of keeping up appearances was so high it was deteriorating my health.

It was like fighting an epic battle with one arm tied behind my back and my inner critic convinced me it was my fault that I couldn't win.

That is, until I empowered myself to bring the “ride” to a screeching halt.


For the past 16 years I have shown women who are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, burn out and self-doubt as they move through the inevitable transitions of life, how to feel empowered transforming into the next grandest version of themselves. I can tell you in earnest that there is no better feeling in the world than helping someone transform from the stuck place that they are in, into realizing and achieving their goals and dreams. It truly is the most fulfilling work I have ever done!

While my life has been rich with new experiences it has also been full of struggle and pain. At first, like so many, I resisted change and felt I was being punished each time I lost a form of my identity. Less than two years after my divorce was final, I shattered my spine and was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 32. I felt I had lost my identity, my future and life as I knew it.  I was an anomaly and my prognosis was bleak. My bones were so weak they were afraid surgery wouldn’t hold and I could potentially break every bone in my body by the age of 65.

What seemed like the greatest tragedy became the greatest opportunity for rebirth. I left no stone unturned when it came to healing myself. What I discovered change my life and the lives of my clients forever. I am now healed, osteoporosis free, married to the man of my dreams and living my best life!

Each transition you experience is a call to action for growth and opportunity to transform. Whilst you fear the change, there is a power inside of you greater than any obstacle standing in your way. With guidance and encouragement you will discover you have the power to choose and become anyone you wish. You will develop the natural skill of moving with the flow of life and set yourself free. I would love to show you how and be a part of your incredible journey!

Attempting to reverse engineer what other people are doing.
Those things will only take you so far.
You need more.
You need tools, accountability and loving challenges from someone who has been where you are and is now right where you want to be.
Someone who will motivate you to keep pushing forward, deliver straightforward answers to your questions and hold you accountable for the goals you say you want to achieve.

So I gotta ask …
Who’s encouraging you?
Who’s holding you accountable?


That is why I put together this 12 week proven step by step program with built in support & leading-edge tools. Together we will move through the layers of deep core wounds, limiting beliefs, and traumatic events that have lead to a tainted perspective of yourself and the world.

You will finally stop waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and become the LIGHT and a beacon of hope for others.

Still not sure if I am speaking to you?

Question...How easily do you ask/receive help from others?
How often do you freeze in action and fear rocking the boat?

If you answer is "I don't" and/or "Often"... believe me I understand! I have been on my own since I was 17, and the only regret I have is not asking for help sooner. I thought I had to prove myself by continuing to go at it alone or I wouldn't be enough. Or worse I would be kicked out of my tribe for speaking up.

When our needs are not met as children we develop coping mechanisms in order to survive. And while strength is a wonderful quality to have, you never truly get what you want or need to thrive  . Our belief systems are established by the age of 10! If you didn't have a solid foundation then it is likely that you don't have the tools to create one now.

So what do strong women do? They have tried to conform to societies’ box to gain happiness, but it feels false and empty. And many tend to  stifle their True Voice, and hide their pain to protect yourself from rejection. 

But you don't feel safe and never truly have. 

You have tried everything to find security if not happiness... but wake in panic every morning. Your anxiety has robbed you of your health and well-being. 

I know the trauma you've experienced is a big factor, but you did what you had to do to and moved on. You have survived in a way that society deems worthy and is necessary to succeed in life. 

You worked to gain that success and sacrificed yourself for your career, your mate, your kids, your family and friends. Sacrificed your time, your dreams, your health and well-being, as you felt you had no choice.

Your critical voice has become so loud and cruel it has begun to sabotage the success you worked so hard to achieve.

 You have convinced everyone you are strong, confident, and a survivor until the end...but you know that you are dying inside. 

You know there is so much more to life than this. You know because you have seen it in other people.

 They too have experienced trauma and pain yet they seem to glow, and you crave to shine as they do.

Here's what I want you to know…

• You are worthy of the security and happiness you crave. You are more than enough and deserve to feel whole...deserve to be seen.

• You are lovely under the mask you wear. You will experience the connection you have longed for you once you find the courage to shine through it.

• There is so much more to life than achieving goals and surviving trauma. Your dreams are waiting for you. I can teach you how to achieve them and that radiant glow you desire...


While you might be saying to yourself 
"YES, you are describing me and my current pain! How did you know me so well?" 
Not everyone will be the best fit for our program.
 Does that mean you are not worthy? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! 
You just might not be ready. 
So lets get clear on the requirements...

  • If you are absolutely DONE with doubting yourself, self-sabotaging, numbing yourself, checking out mentally, and living a life you don't love.
  • If you are DONE letting your inner critic run the show and keep from celebrating your success.
  • If you are DONE with surrendering to your fear that is keeping you stressed and burnt out, stuck and stagnant, and has left you feeling as if you should be further along by now.
  • ​If you desire to create LASTING change and acknowledge YOUR responsibility in co-creating your life, empowering you to transform it.
  • ​If you are READY to attract healthy, meaningful relationships.
  • ​If you are READY to set yourself FREE from the pain of your toxic story and dare to dream again!
  • ​If you feel an urgency to heal your painful problems. The time is NOW and you are prepared to invest your time/energy/money/attention IN YOU because you know that genuine healing is priceless!


A Look Inside Shining Through The Mask Curriculum 

Shining Through The Mask covers my signature 4-phase formula that shows strong, successful women struggling with feelings of overwhelm, burn out & self-doubt; how to feel fulfilled and confident in attracting meaningful relationships and achieving their dreams.

Each lesson is delivered on a daily basis and is structured to build on the previous one, leaving you with fully implementable philosophy & tools. These tools include leading-edge modalities that have helped millions of people heal from past trauma and programming.

While I can't save you (only you can do that!); I vow to serve you! This program provides daily support through video & audio, in addition to weekly Q & A coaching sessions, & a tribe of like minded women to up lift you during your journey.

Phase I: The Woman behind the Mask.

In this phase you will: 

 Discover your true ID: the origins of your Internal Dialogue and it's powerful connection to your thoughts, beliefs and your reality.
 Discover the power of your words, how they are affecting your relationships, and finally shed your toxic story.
 Meet your Inner Critic and uncover what programming has given her such a powerful voice.
 Shine light on and break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back from speaking your truth on every level.
 Let go of self-sabotaging cycles, learn to properly nurture yourself, and establish NON-Negotiables.

Phase II: Shining Through the Mask

In this phase you will:

 Identify why you have felt the need to hide behind a mask all of your life; “isn’t everyone wearing one?”
 Bust the myth behind what it means to be a successful woman, become a recovering perfectionist, and befriend your body.
 Let go of competition of others, embrace your uniqueness, and be unapologetically you!
 Learn to redefine fear, trust yourself, and begin to feel confident shining through your mask until it disappears.

Phase III: Identifying your Role in all Relationships

 In this phase you will:

 Reflect on your definition of your role in your relationship with your spouse or significant other, family, relatives, your kids, friends, co-workers and/or clients, and your higher power.
 Zero in on what is keeping you from attracting meaningful relationships and what you should do instead.
 Redefine your role, responsibilities, obligations and duties in a way that is in alignment with your core values.
 Learn how put an end to toxic relationships, stay grounded and calm in ANY situation with ANY person.

Phase IV: Creating Lasting Change

 In this phase you will:

 Learn to dream again and start taking action steps towards goals.
 Create a vision for your life and how to create a support system to keep you moving forward.
 Solidify integration of all of the life changing modalities you have learned to properly implement throughout the course.
 Get the inside scoop on how to attract your dream mate (you don’t have to be single or get divorced for this to apply to you!)


  • NO PRESSURE SALES CALLS- At Dreamers Life Coaching we have a very high success rate because we are selective in the people we enroll. It is not about numbers for us...this means no specials, gimmicks, or limited time pressure based offers. We take the time to get to know you and ensure that working together is of the greatest good for both parties. Not everyone will leave our programs 100% healed, because that is determined by the individuals journey, time/energy investment. However NO ONE will leave worse off for having worked with our team because we really do care about YOU!
  • NO GHOST COACHING - This is not one of those coaching programs where you see the coach giving a great speech that reals you in, and then you never meet or work with them! Kathleen M Anderson is very dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience working with HER, and not taking on too many clients at any given time. This means that our space is limited in our if you feel a calling in your heart to work with her DON'T HESITATE, spots fill up fast!
  • DAILY SUPPORT- Spiritual growth, expansion and change require stepping outside of our comfort zones. Now when we do so, our old life and habits have a way of tempting us to stay in what is familiar or "comfortable" even if we know that it makes us miserable. That is why Kathleen firmly believes in daily audio and video support as you work through the program. Each day you will be given a 20-30 minute video lesson to follow along with your PDF and audio meditations to help you start your day off in a productive mindset.
  • NEW TRIBE - People have a tendency to see you as your old self. Many will not understand your new philosophy and need to expand. In fact some may very well be responsible for your fears of shining.  So, in addition to that valuable support our team offers, you will also have access to our STM private Facebook community. This is a tribe full of like-minded women who have gone down a similar path as you. Kathleen teaches a lot on Chakra work with her back ground in Yogic Philosophy and Ancient Ayurveda. If you are not raised with a healthy supportive tribe then you will likely have 1st (Root) Chakra blocks. The only way to truly heal those wounds and build a solid foundation is to have a supportive, loving tribe that understands your need to grow and be seen as the new you. And to remind you that you do BELONG and you are NOT alone.
  • COURSE CALENDAR BREAKDOWN - IT IS SO VITAL THAT YOU FOLLOW ALONG AND DON'T SKIP AHEAD! It takes years to build up the layers around your heart that keep you stuck and blocked from living your dream life. This program was designed to hold sacred space for you, as you systematically peel back those layers with support. So, each lesson will be delivered on a timed delay daily...if you fall behind that's ok! Kathleen designed 5 days of lessons with 7 days to complete and digest. 







• Clarity Session is so you can dive deeper with Kathleen, and get off to a strong start. Here is what you will do together in this valuable session:

o Get really clear on your goals both short term and long term.
o She will diagnose the biggest obstacles that are stopping you.
o Ask you hard questions because she is committed to helping you get 'aha' moments and GREAT clarity.
o Tell you exactly what you should focus on first to move forward.
o Her best recommendation for strategy and next steps you should take.
o Her honest evaluation of what is possible for you-big picture-based on your goals.

BONUS #2: 3 One-on-One coaching sessions (1 Per Month) with Kathleen M Anderson. $900 Value

While we understand and believe in the support of a tribe, however some things are too deep/personal to share. These sessions are offered so that Kathleen can support you through your deepest struggles in a private setting. This private setting will give her the ability to hold your hands through each of the first 3 phases of the course. The first 3 phases are where 100% of our clients feel they need the most support.

BONUS #3: Access to weekly virtual yoga classes. $240 Value

The benefits of yoga are endless! Doctors, psychologist, wellness practitioners, physical therapists, personal trainers, and fitness instructors across the board are recommending yoga to their patients and clients. They cannot deny the powerful mind-body connection. 

Kathleen has been a student/advocate/instructor for the better part of 15 years. She has seen the powerful effects that the 8-limbs of yoga provide and uses them in her methodology, curriculum and implementation of various modalities, such as Pranayama (Breath-work) & Meditation. 

The unlimited access that you will have during your 12 week program will help you reduce your stress, blood pressure, anxiety, mental clarity in addition to the added bonus of increased flexibility, bone health, and strength. 


With her back ground in Ancient Yogic Philosophy & Ayurveda Wellness, Kathleen also incorporates removing energy blocks from our Chakra system.

Chakra is a Sanskrit term and it means “wheel” or “disk” and is derived from the root word “cakra”. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy/light. Chakras have the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels.
When we experience traumatic energy our Chakra energy can be blocked wreaking havoc on our mental, emotional, energetic, and physical well-being. 

While Kathleen is well edjucated in the functions of the Chakras and will guide you in clearing energetic blocks throughout the course...she also respects the skill and power of Lea Ann.

Working with Lea Ann has provided massive benefits in Kathleen's own well-being as well as anyone she refers to this amazing healer! That is why as a gifted bonus you will be able to work one-on-one with Lea Ann to help clear any remaining, deep toxic energy blocks before completing the course. Once you enroll you will be sent to Lea Ann directly to schedule your valuable virtual session at your convenience!

Click the here to find out more about Lea Ann and the abundance she has to offer!

BONUS #5: One of a kind Handcrafted Dream Catcher Infused with healing crystals. ($120 VALUE) PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY!

Kathleen is also an artist and has mixed her healing methods with the beautiful, philosophy based art she creates. One of her favorite creations is her crystal infused dream catchers. Hand crafted down to the leather wrapped rim they are one of a kind. Custom made and woven with crystal beads for optimum psychic and energetic healing.
Dream Catchers where created by Native Americans to ward off bad dreams and negative energy. Freeing their minds and bodies from darkness.
Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as our physical energy does. Each unique crystal offers healing of every variety. Combined they Have a powerful impact in healing the subconscious mind, restoring your energy, enhancing creativity and relief from insomnia.

That's $1,610.00 savings in Bonuses!


How to get started! Click the link below to gain to gain access to a few short questions (takes less than 30 seconds. They will help us get to get you know you a little better and insight on your goals so we understand how we can be of best benefit to you. Directly after we will be in contact with a link to Kathleen's schedule so you can select a day and time that works best for you.



Success Stories

Before I began working with Kathleen, I was in a dark state of depression. I was also filled with anger and rage. I didn’t know what I was angry about or where this was all coming from. I just wanted to sleep all day, so I could avoid being sad. I was beginning to just avoid the rest of the world and say forget all my self-awareness because being aware meant being aware of how angry and sad I was. I did not want to confront it. I wanted to feel better and do better, but I didn’t know how anymore. Even as a yoga instructor, who used to have an amazing self-practice, I was just lost at this point and giving up.
Thank you, Kathleen for giving me the tools I needed to manifest my destiny, for reminding me of my self-worth, and being for so full of light.
-Jordan Shutt
Working with Kathleen Anderson as a life coach has been a beautiful journey. When I met her I was in a toxic relationship that was leaving me emotionally drained and disconnected from the REAL me. My true energy and essence was down due to this manipulative relationship that I didn't know how to let go of. I was going around circles in the same problem and didn't realize that my worth was higher than what my partner was showing me to be true.
Because he didn’t see me, I believed I was unworthy, and set out to change myself for him. While trying to please him about my physical body and weight, I forgot about my own voice as a woman of God.
Working with Kathleen taught me how to redirect my energy in order to develop more self-love instead of expecting acceptance and love from the one I was with. Working with her helped me to identify and remove my negative beliefs and use of my energy and get back to self-growth.
Once I began to implement her teachings, I learned how to let go and free myself from that toxic relationship. Because of her valuable gifts my life started to change 360° into the correct vibes and blessings leading me to the right mate, right work positions and best relationships with family and friends. I can never thank Kathleen enough for transitioning me from darkness to light. Greatness walks with me and within me now and I would recommend her services as life coach and spiritual guide 200%. Thank you Kathleen!!
-Evelin Jerez
Being a single mom, while going through an intense medical program and trying to engage in an intimate relationship I found myself stretched thin, overwhelmed and constantly putting myself on the back burner.
When issue after issue started to arise in my new relationship I found myself panic driven and unsure what to do. Even with the tools I learned as a yoga instructor such as meditation, journaling and manifestation I was unable to bridge the gap to peace.
I had witnessed Kathleen go through a transformation that would normally take years as she dealt with her devastating spinal injury, with no end in sight. Somehow she managed to heal herself, thrive, and continue to help others while enduring set back after set back.
At the peak of my anxiety my intuition told me to reach out to her. 5 min into our first call, Kathleen was able to take me from my panicked state of overwhelm, disconnect from craziness, observe my situation from an outsiders perspective, and bring me to a calm place. In the many coaching calls that followed, I have continued to find myself blown away by her ability to bridge the gap and ask questions to elicit responses from my true nature, and quit avoiding myself. Her coaching has worked wonders to help me with my relationships, including my relationship with myself.
If you are ready to do the work, get off the path of avoidance, and get on a path of peace to discover your truth, Call Kathleen!
-Amanda Jackson
I have known Kathleen for better part of 15 years. The first ten years were only professional salon relationship that began to change in 2014. Kathleen became a cheerleader and coach for me. When we first started working together, I was in a lot of pain, over-weight, and exhausted from toxic relationships.  I embarked on a personal journey of health and well-being and Kathleen graciously became part of my support village. 

As a very successful stylist Kathleen had a lot of clients and was always booked. But she took the time to relate to me and helped connect me to my Genuine Self. As I shared my steps of self-improvement she listening openly, helped me hold myself accountable, and motivated me even when I couldn't see my own success. She would help me squash internal negative self-talk and helped me use to replace them with positive self-reflections. She let me do the work which has led to a sustained 180+ lb. weight loss success, a successful career woman, and happy content mother of two. 

Our relationship continues, as I explore love and relationships with healthy boundaries. I am honored and blessed Kathleen will be part of that success story too. 
- Amy Baxter

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